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But for it to work best, people have to get it long before they could ever be infected.

That means vaccinating 11- and 12-year-olds, and most parents get very squeamish about the thought of sex and kids that age.

“There is no test to find out a person’s ‘HPV status’,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

“Also, there is no approved HPV test to find HPV in the mouth or throat.” And there’s no way to go back and undo whatever caused the infection that has caused cancer decades later.

Related: There's a Silent Epidemic of Cancer Among Men HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer, once a leading cancer among women.

“There’s nothing that men and women can do to prevent oral cancer,” said Dr.“We have realized since then that talking about sex is such a barrier to the discussion,” said Brewer.Parents get upset, and often decide it’s too early for their kids to be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted disease, even though the research clearly shows that getting the first dose by age 11 or 12 really does protect kids better.We need to vaccinate them before they are exposed," added Wexler, whose cancer was detected by an alert dentist.She pointed out that even if a person is completely monogamous, they can never be certain their partner has been.

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